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Fed Up Because Your Marketing Isn’t Doing A Thing To Help Grow Your Business?

Now, get more sales leads with web copy, landing pages and emails that SELL value  – not stuff.  


When I speak with business owners, almost all of them talk about how important it is to bring on new clients and customers. 

And yet, many are throwing profits away because their sales copy talks about “their stuff.” 

Prospects don’t care about that UNTIL you explain how your product or service will improve their lives.

For that, you need sales copy. Copy that taps into your prospects’ emotions and helps them “see” how they will be better off if they have your offering. 

Go look at your web copy or your landing page. Or read some of the sales emails you’re sending out.

This little training exercise will open your eyes to what could be a HUGE shift in your sales lead generation efforts. 

As you look through your marketing copy, how often do the following words appear:

• “Our”

• “We”

• “Us”

• “I”

• “My”

If you see them a lot, it’s likely you are literally steering profits into the waiting hands of your competitors. 

I’ll explain in a sec…

Now, go back to your copy and check out how many times you find these words: you and your.

If you’re like many marketers, chances are they’ll be hard to find.

And that is costing you TONS in missed selling opportunities.

Here’s why…

Think about the last time you met someone – someone you didn’t know – and all he did was talk about himself from the minute he opened his mouth. Bet you couldn’t get away fast enough. Right?

That’s EXACTLY how prospects feel when they read marketing copy that’s all about you!

Hear that sound? It’s a mouse click and it happens as soon as a prospect realizes (usually within 3-5 seconds) he’s encountered yet another marketer peddling products and services. 

Now, here’s the real killer…

Countless studies show that people searching online for solutions to their problems eventually buy from someone. 

If your copy isn’t focused on the prospect and what HE wants, you’re losing sales!

So, how much money are you throwing away with copy that is focused on you?

Judge for yourself.

Here are some of my clients who decided they were tired of giving away business…

“Our landing page conversion rate has increased by over 28% and we’re seeing sales results we had never imagined possible.”  – Lisa Borg, VP Marketing Life Clinics

“We are now averaging 5-10 qualified leads per day based on the web copy you wrote for our site. It’s unbelievable. We were hardly getting any before.” – Elizabeth Gomes, Yonge-Eglinton Laser Eye Centre

“I wanted to let you know we had over 50 downloads of the insiders guide over the weekend and they just keep coming in!”– Susan Milne, Epiphany Studios

“I don’t know what you’ve done but my newsletter sign ups have probably tripled!” – Mark Mitchell, Wizard Strategies


Only you know how improved results like these would impact your business.

But I’m betting, any one of them would have an immediate and lasting effect on your bottom line! 

So, what’s the next step?  → call me at 905-716-7130 or email me at  

Let’s set up a FREE CHAT to talk about what’s not working, what’s sort of working and how we can fix things – FAST!

THEN, if you like what you learn, we can come up with a program to get your copy focused on the person who matters most – your prospect!

Isn’t it time to do something TODAY to jumpstart your business?


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